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About Us
Our Philosophy
We hate high pressure sales tactics and don’t imagine you are a fan of them either. Here at Back 40 we offer straightforward service and equipment options for all of your precision needs. We won’t push you toward the biggest or priciest solutions. There are many options available to fit into your unique operation and budget. You aren’t just a number or customer, you are a friend and neighbor.
Our staff experience ranges from a 5th generation farmer down to 30 years in the agricultural industry. We have former big iron management, former service management as well as professional in field road service tech experience. Our staff have many verifiable equipment certifications with equally impressive track records addressing customer needs. You won’t find an independent data provider with better credentials.
Where modern agricultural technology meets old fashioned farming values
Tailored to your needs
Our services are not limited to just installation. Among many other things, we excel at custom one of a kind wiring harnesses and hydraulic systems for your “mixed bag” of equipment. Do you have a planter, self-propelled sprayer, fertilizer spreader, tool bar or combine that you want to integrate with a tractor? No problem! We’ve been there and done that more times than we can count.
Our staff has worked with all brands of precision equipment from the older systems such as Outback through to the newest industry releases from Trimble, AG Leader, Raven and more. Not only can we do custom modifications but we also do expert level troubleshooting. Don’t get stuck with useless upgrades by settling for inexperienced technicians found elsewhere. We will keep you running.
Please feel free to download the PDF files below to see a few of our custom designs, more available upon request.
Engineering Work History

Past jobs and projects:

Custom wiring harnesses, tool design, one of a kind part manufacture, modules, hydraulic setups and installation or modification for mixed equipment as well as “off label” precision product uses.
Some examples are:
Design of a wire harness to extract radar speed from RavenTM GPS receiver cable.
Design of a complete wiring kit to control Anhydrous Ammonia rate and section shutoff on a toolbar using a Pro600TM before such an option was available from CaseIHTM.
Design of a wire harness kit to control a NewLeaderTM spreader with 3 product control as an OEM type install on CaseIHTM floater truck chassis. Includes in cab interfacing with factory wiring.
Design wire harness to install a Pro600TM display in a pre-2009 CaseIHTM sprayer cab.
Modify Ag SystemsTM 800 series contact drive wheel lift mechanism for use with large floatation tires.
Design pin press tool to remove sprayer suspension parts.

GPS speed cable
NH3 Pro600
NL bed control
Pro600 in SPX
AgSystems wheel
Pin Press Tool


We welcome challenges and the opportunity to make some amazing stuff. At our small company, everything is done with a meticulous attention to detail. 

All of our hardware and equipment projects are built with components that are exhaustively researched for the best quality and pricing available. Get your project handled with expertise and creative flair without wasting an investment on lackluster engineering teams who rely on unfinished projects for job security.

Throughout the year we accept specialized projects with a preference toward novel concepts. We can provide your company specialized branding and a high level of discretion. 

If you have any project ideas, be it microcontoller, digital signal processing, or FPGA based input or output, give us a call today! Don't hesitate to call use for wire diagrams or circuit board design.We have a history of deceiphering undocumented data protocols and are no strangers to PID and Kalman filter based predictive controls.

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