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New version
Now reassembles partial TCP data from bases
Fixed crash in



  RTK Equipment Dealers  

As we are moving toward the custom software development market
we are offering the basic version of our Network Caster software available free of charge. Yes it's ​FREEWARE! 

There will be a limit of 10 base stations and 100 users allowed to be active at any given time.
Cross conversion support for RTCM3.1 and CMR + Glonass is included.
Network calculations and datastreams are included, iMAC, MAC, FKP datatypes can be delivered.
This software version will not expire.

JD included via single baseline data repeater mode only. No data conversion will be included.

Improved release version / April 30, 2018

Caster Download
​​Windows reference station software can turn your existing RTK
receiver into a functional internet connected base station.
Best of all, it is FREEWARE!
Works with any receiver that can output RTCM3.1, 3.2, CMR+, NCT data types
WinBase can configure Novatel and other branded Novatel based RTK receivers into base mode.
WinBase displays messages, satellite ID's, and GNSS system time from base output.

AgLeader dealers,
Put up your own bases for your own customers using the GPS6500. All the software you need is FREE!

Deere Dealerships:
Software can be connected to a JohnDeere base and keep the radio. This means for John Deere dealers
you can now have internet base networks at the same time maintaining your radio coverage.
You gain having no line of sight limitations but do not force your existing radio customers to change anything.

WinBase Download